Many years ago there was a Kingdom which was situated on the valleys of mountain which is now named Pesagi.

The Kingdom was called Belunguh and was led by a great king named Umpu Sekhumong. Umpu Sekhumong had seven children. The oldest child was named Umpu Halimbang.

(In short) One day these seven children went fishing in a wetland that was located at the foot of the montain Pesagi, but apparently they were less fortunate in the fishing because they did not get a single fish.

The next day they went back to fishing, but on the way they met an old man named Umpu Belunguh.

Then Umpu Belunguh gave a pray to them to get a lot of fish. The pray of Umpu Belunguh came true They were always getting a lot fish, The king Umpu Sekhumong was very surpised to see the succes of his children., Then he asked what’s behind all of this success and eventually the children told their dad what really happened.

Having heard the testimony of the seven children a, Umpu Sekhumong curious to see miracle magic of Umpu Belunguh. They, at the end, fought to determine who was the stronger.
But Umpu Sekhumong lost in these fights, by his defeat ,Umpu Sekhumong surrendered all his properties except Ukkau, a kind of a bird.

Umpu Sekhumong left the palace and the kingdom and went toward the east to flee, on each road corner on his journey he saw seven soldiers. (His seven children might guide their father’s journey).

When Umpu Sekhumong died, his grave become a sacred place.
The seven children continued their journey but they have passed their destination place, Soon they returned back to the village. They named the village Bulappau which means passed, The village was located between Sawah village and Kesugihan village..

Before arriving at the village, they stopped near a cliff and sat there to take a rest. At the end, the place where they stopped and sat on had got its name, that was Bedudu. (from the word beduduk which mean sit ).