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Kenali is a name of a village. It is located twenty kilometres from Liwa, the capital of West lampung Here is the legend of  Kenali as told by native Kenalian people.

The Origin of Kenali Village

By Agung Prayogo and Nila Kesuma

In ancient times the name of Khanji Pasai village changed its name into Kenali. This is happening after the Islamic religion developed quite rapidly in that area. Kenali means to get to know yourself first before knowing anyone else. People who knows himself would be a wise man. He will more easily understand the different nature of others. He will not want to hurt someone else because he knows that if he was hurt, he would not accept such actions either.

People said that one who had developed the religion of Islam was from the Arabic land. His name was UMPU BELUNGUH. He dropped by the first time in the land of Aceh (Kingdom of Pasai). Then he continued his journey to central Sumatra that was the site of the Pagarruyung Kingdom in Western Sumatra. Now the capital of West Sumatra is Padang. In this country he had settled for some time in a village called Kinali. Then he continued preaching towards the south of Sumatra and had stopped at a village called Khanji Pasai. Having arrived in this area UMPU BELUNGUH began preaching again like in other countries he had passed through.

At that time Umpu Belunguh cooperated with a king in Khanji Pasai named BETARA GURU SAKTI. BETARA GURU SAKTI had already converted his belief into Islam but he felt that his understandings of Islam was not perfect yet. About the beginning of the Islam of BETARA GURU SAKTI there has been no definitive data. Has he had learned Islamic knowledge  from scholars of Islamic religion of Pasai (Aceh ) who had spread Islam in the land of Mount Pesagi (West Lampung) or BETARA GURU SAKTI had ever migrated to other regions and had learned the Islamic religion there.

BETARA GURU SAKTI, by the help of  UMPU BELUNGUH, began studying the Islamic religion more seriously with followers of UMPU BELUNGUH known as KEBUAYAN 7. Gradually Hinduism as the oldest religion in Kanji Pasai lost over time replaced by Islam.
Umpu Belunguh had not only tought the religion of Islam but also had tought other knowledges needed by the community. Up to now the Islamic religion is still growing rapidly in the country Khanji Pasai. (Now Kenali). Hinduism had ended its heyday in the State Khanji Pasai simultaneously with the end of slaughter of a beautiful woman as offerings on Kepampang Stone in Tanjung Menang which coincided its location behind the Elementary School 1 Belalau Kenali

Khanji Pasai as the name of a village later had changed into Kenali. While the name of Kenali that originally came from the word Kinali, known as the name of a village that had become the home of UMPU BELUNGUH in Pagarruyung. Until now the name of Kenali is  still used by people as the name of the village instead of Khanji Pasai..

And Allaah knows best.